Flame Proof Fabrics - Wool

Kashmiri Lal Tarun Khanna P. Ltd. the leading wool serge fabric suppliers are widely appreciated for providing the premium quality of serge. Our products have been gaining the huge popularity all over the world because of exclusive varieties and superiority. We offer a broad range of woolen fabrics in appealing designs that are available in stock of colors. Smooth texture, finest quality, high tearing strength and other great characteristics have made our products the preferred choice globally.

Backed by the successful team of our wool serge fabric manufacturers who have over years of experience, we are able to meet the customary requirements of all clients. The manufacturer’s team produced the serge with the specified industrial norms and quality standards to ensure the complete satisfaction of customers. All of the products are tested on several parameters to make certain the high strength and durability.

Wool serge is the twill fabric comprising of ridges or diagonal lines on both sides. This is one of the highly demanding fabrics for borders, theatrical drapes, skirting, and legs. Made with two-down and two-up weave, wool serge is used in making trench coats, military uniforms, great coats, suits and many others.

Our wool fabrics manufacturers with prolonged experience produced the highly efficient products using the superior quality material to ensure longer durability. We consider the individual requirement of each customer and offer the excellent selection according to buyer’s order specifications and needs. Our wool fabrics offer the ultimate versatility, warmth, satisfaction and comfort just at an affordable price.

Black wool serge manufacturers produced the special variety of inherently flame-proofed wool serge exists in a variety of colors and many great features. Specifically designed for the commercial and domestic use with an industry standard for perimeter treatment, this variety of certified serge provides excellent sound absorption and acoustic properties. Black wool serge is in great demand today for producing the curtains for television and photographic studio use.

Our Theatrical Wool Fabrics are used in making acoustic sound control systems, stage drapes, stage and theatre curtains and other curtains. As we are the leading wool fabrics manufacturers, we can provide the most cost-effective and quality products. Our wide range of theatre fabrics brings life into your production. If you are not sure about the best quality of fabric according to your requirements then discuss with our friendly and skilled manufacturers.

No matter what variety of wool fabric or serge you are purchasing, all of our products are available with elevated durability, fine finishing, quality assurance and great characteristics at competitive rates.

We supply all types of FR Fabrics in Wool with different finishes like NDFR, DFR, IFR and Not FR. Following options are available in wool:

  • Flame Proofed Blankets (500 / 600 / 700 GSM)

  • Wool Serge (for Theatrical Drapes)

  • Overall Fabrics

  • FR Blankets (For Firemen)

  • Super Wool Serge - 500/525grm/M2 (60" 150cm)

  • Heavy Wool Serge - 625grm/M2 60" (60" 150cm)

  • Coloured Wool Serge - 400/420grm/M2 (60" 150cm)

  • Chromakey Wool Serge - 400/500grm/M2 
    60" 150cm Blue/Green/TV Blue

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