Pure Silk Shawls & Stoles

‘Silk’ the very name emanates richness. And true to its name it brings richness to the ensemble, as a whole. Silk shawls make any outfit look more appealing. No doubt it was what the royals have been wearing it for ages.


To bring to its richness to you, we present our wide range of Shawls, Stoles, Mufflers and Scarves in Pure Silk. Pamper yourself with our collection of Pure Silk Shawls in Checks 'n' Stripes, Plain Colours, Shaded Colours, Printed and Painted and above all the Royal collection of hand-embroidered one's.


Silk shawls, especially made in India using traditional techniques have a growing market Worldwide. Firstly because of the rich silk that India is famous for and secondly for the embroidery art that is appreciated world over as it is very native to India.

These types of shawls are more like a style statement. They give your dress more glory and keeps you outstanding. They are certainly not to protect you from the chill weathers, however, it may assist you if it is a few degrees lower than the normal temperature. Hence it is more sought after for style and fashion. Blended with wool, the Silk-Wool blend adds to the style providing the necessary property of keeping you warm.


The standard sizes available are:

  • 40" X 80" (100 cm X 200 cm)
  • 28" X 80" (70 cm X 200 cm)
  • 12" X 60" (30 cm X 150 cm)
  • Any other size as per buyer's requirement
    (in Bulk quantities only)
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