Handloom Tweed

Tweed is worsted yarn fabric woven on a handloom thus also called 'Handloom Tweed'. It is a traditionally woven and a heavy woollen outerwear fabric. Though it has now been replaced by modern fabrics, it is still a beautiful, comfortable and highly coveted material.


The Handloom Tweed is made in either plain or twill weave and may have a check, twill or some pattern. Interesting color effects are obtained by twisting together differently colored woolen strands into a two or three-ply yarn.


Tweed fabric is thicker and heavier than shawl and the colors used are fast and bright. Better-quality worsted yarn is used for weaving tweed. It is woven on the handloom and comes in different widths, having an apt length. In order to prevent it from further shrinkage it is heavily milled after weaving. Originally it was woven in natural wool colours of black, white and grey but now they are wide variety of colors and patterns available in Handloom Tweeds.


Tweeds are desirable for outerwear, being moisture-resistant and very durable. The warm property of this fabric makes it ideal for making coats, over coats, jackets, women coats and similar products.

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