Custom Wool Fabrics

Wool Fabrics are made from worsted yarns and have a simple or a complex woven pattern. The wool fabrics can be used in constructing clothes or decorator items.

Wool fabrics will stand up to years of everyday family wear and tear and still bounce back. They will maintain a clean and ‘as new’ appearance for much longer than other fiber type fabrics. More than any other fabric on earth - wool combines more luxury and fabric performance due to its appearance retention, tactile properties, drape, elasticity and wrinkle resistance. It is one of the most fire resistant fabric when compared to other fabrics available today.

Wool fabric is used virtually everywhere. From clothing and apprels to Upholsetry and decoration. Its ideally used in winter garments, sofas, chairs, wall hangings, etc.

We at KKPL, have years of experience in manufacturing different types of wool fabrics as per requirements of the customer. We can deliver you the wool fabrics from a simple design to complex patterns. Contact us if you have further queries or for a free no-obligation quote.

Check out the collection of our Fabrics featured by Vogue at the London Fashion Week.

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